Service: Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention sector includes:
• Adjustment to Regulations
• Licenses, Permits and Authorizations
• Fire Department Paperwork (Fire Prevention Certificates)
• Risk Assessment
• Supply, Installation, Maintenance

Services: Fire Prevention and First Aid courses

We organize training courses for company personnel in collaboration with ConfLavoro (Small and Medium Enterprises Association) at their headquarters for the theory section, and at our headquarters for the practice trials.
Through La Fenice Antincendio you can offer the personnel in your companies the following courses:
• Training courses for Fire Prevention (Low and Medium Risk) with qualification certificate valid for three years.
• First Aid Training Courses (Low and Medium Risk).
The organization of courses is the strongpoint we highlight, as we are certain that companies offering personnel trained for any kind of risk are more appreciated by their own personnel.

Services: Safety Sign Supply

We supply and install all the safety signs provided for by the national regulations for fire prevention and company safety.
Alternatively, we can provide equipment supply only.

Service: Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is the most important parameter for fire prevention equipment. Company safety is guaranteed only by the surety that the fire prevention equipment is in working order. For La Fenice, it is more than compliance with the law: we believe that caution is the best partner against fire hazard.